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  • NameLilian Chen
  • Job title: 院經理
  • Office phone number(02)6638-2736#1101
  • E-mailytc0813@tmu.edu.tw
  • Responsibilities
  • - Assist Dean of College in Planning and Promotion of School Affairs (College Development and Brand Management).
    - Inter-departmental communicate and coordination and administrative services.
    - Function integration of college's administration, finance, research and other related resources.
    - Performance management of Institute Research Center.
    - Planning large-scale event within university and College of Management and funding management.
    - College space management.
    - Promote and manage the international affairs for college.
    - Manage the list of international scholars invitation.
    - Manage and supervise administrative quality, conferences, laws, and regulations in the school.
    - Review essential documents submitted by the institute to all departments, confirm the correctness and completeness of procedures, forms, and attachments.
    - Assist with human resources in the hospital.
    - Schedule planning for Dean of College.
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  • NameAmber Tzeng
  • Job title: Securtary
  • Office phone number(02)6638-2736#1102
  • E-mailatzeng@tmu.edu.tw
  • Responsibilities
  • - Schedule planning for Dean of College.
    - Managing in various of administrative operations in College of Management.
    - Inter-departmental communication and coordination.
    - Comprehensive management of various hospital meetings
    - Office management (documents, applications, purchases, maintenance, part-time student management.)
    - Assist in academic lectures and seminars
    - College budget funding, write-off.
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  • Name
  • Job title: Securtary
  • Office phone number(02)6638-2736#1126
  • E-mailivy_ts@tmu.edu.tw
  • Responsibilities
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