2018 International Cultural Night

Poster:Lilian ChenPost date:2018-12-11
  A blink of eyes makes the end of 2018 coming, which we have to study hard and play hard. For this year, office of global engagement is going to hold a “2018 International Cultural Night” on 20 December (Thursday) at 4F, auditorium building.

During the party, you will have an unforgettable experience to see so much different countries’ culture, such as dancing, singing, and so on. All the performances will be performing by our international students and some clubs.

We are looking forward to see all of you and give the most unforgettable night and performances to you, so please don’t be hesitate to register it.


1.  Register by pressing " press me or screening the QR code on the picture above. For the successfully registerator, will being provide a luch box , which the amount of it is limited; so what are you waiting for, register now! 

2.  For the sussessfully registerator, the time for getting the luch box will be around 5:30 pm to 6:00pm , according to the rule of auditorium builidng, which can not carry the food inside, so please come earlier to get the luch box before the activity begin. 

3.  For those students who need to collect the points for their international learning passport, you will have to sign in around 5:45 pm~ 6:30 p, and sign out around 9:00pm ~ 9:30pm. 

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