【DreamWay International Salon Forum】Ethical and Social Issues in Biobanking and Healthcare Big Data

Poster:Lilian ChenPost date:2019-05-21
 DreamWay International Salon Forum】
The Ethical Issues in the Development of Biotechnology on British Perspective

Big data and biobanks have a primary focus on research and improving medical knowledge. With the increasing implementation of big data and demand for biobanks, what are the ethical and social implications? How does this implementation affect examinees' health and privacy? With private companies involved, commercialization leads to more complex ethical questions. Let us all learn from Professor Timmons as he elucidates and addresses these pressing issues.

Time:May 25 2019 (3pm~5pm)
Location:TMU Daan Campus 20F Meeting Room
Host:TMU BioTech EMBA

Speaker:Professor/Director Stephen Timmons
Topic:Ethical and social issues in biobanking and health care big data
Language:Prof. Timmons

Due to the venue and meal restrictions, besides the EMBA students, we only open 20 quota for the School of Healthcare Administration's students.
Please register as soon as possible. This salon forum recognizes [Jun Wei International Master Lecture / Biotechnology Doctors Forum 2 hours].

*Notice: For the student of the School of Healthcare Administration to register, please go to " MY2 traing" and find the number 594 to register this forum. (http://media.tmu.edu.tw/home.php)


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