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Departments & Programs

Executive Master Program of Business Administration in Biotechnology Program
To bridge the gap between education and industrial needs, this EMBA program reinforces co-operative education, so as to train talents and workforce required by the industry. A series of courses integrated with big data management are designed for medium- to higher-level executives. These courses are given by experts in relevant fields to equip students with interdisciplinary thinking combining management knowledge with biotechnology skills, thus enabling them to fit in modern enterprises more easily and contribute their expertise. To combine theory with practice, a number of opportunities are provided for students to investigate the application of relevant theories in business practice and promote exchange and sharing of experiences in different industries and circulation of business activity information. We also co-organize the “Biotechnology Data Trend Forum” with KPMG International Cooperative every quarter to enable graduates to be qualified as interdisciplinary higher-level professional managers of top enterprises across the world.
Master Program in Big Data Technology and Management
Based on the development tread of the global big data industry, this Graduate Institute emphasizes the integrated training on innovative information application, technology, data analysis, and decision planning. The powerful faculty is formed by members with practical experience in information, data analysis, operational management and big data industry. Through exchange with internationally famous universities, the graduate institute aims to become a first-class big data graduate institute in the world.
Master Program in Big Data Technology and Management---Post-baccalaureate
School of Health Care Administration
When the National Health Insurance began in 1995, the demand for healthcare administrative personnel of medical institutions also increased. In view of the reformation and development of the health insurance system, TMU thus established this school in academic year 1997 to cultivate professional healthcare administrative professionals. To improve the operational and academic research standards of domestic healthcare institutions, this school established the master’s program and part-time master’s program respectively. To promote international exchange and to promote the specialty of this university, we planned the “International Master’s Program” and began to accept international students in 2009. Apart from displaying the spirit: helping the weak and befriending with diplomatic allies, the “International Master’s Program” is the first English-conducting healthcare administration master’s program to develop an English-based learning environment.