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Associate Dean

Chang, Wei-Pin, Associate Dean 

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  • Associate Dean of College of Mangement, Taipei Medical University 
  • Professor, School of Health Care Administration, School of Health Care Administration, Taipei Medical University
  • Associate Professor, School of Health Care Administration, College of Management, Taipei Medical University
【Research Interests】
  • Database Design
  • Data Exploration
  • System Design
Hsu, Min-Huei, Associate Dean 

  • Ph.D., Graduate of Institute of Medical Sciences, Taipei Medical University 
  • Associate Dean, College of Management, Taipei Medical University.
  • Dean, Office of Data Science, Management, Taipei Medical University. 
  • Director & Professor, Graduate Institute of Data Science, Taipei Medical University
  • Vice Director, Center for Management Development, Taipei Medical University
  • Dean, Office of Information Technology, Taipei Medical University
【Research Interests】
  • Electronic Medical Record
  • Telehealth Care
  • Medical Quality and Patient Safety