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Goals & Core

Educational goals

  • To foster cultural literacy and analytical capability. 
  • To cultivate management professionals with cross-cutting integration and independent analysis.
  • To cultivate innovative management professionals who keep abreast of ever-changing trends. 
  • To broaden international perspectives with an open mind of enhancing the ability to respond to social changes.

Core abilities

  • Competence in value judgement: demonstrating the ability to apply the capabilities of cross-cutting integration and analysis. 
    • ​​​​Become cross-field management talents through professional know-how and practical training in order to enhance personal competitiveness.
  • ​Competence in civics: cultural literacy, ethics and critical thinking.
    • Possess innovative, thinking analytical thinking and problem-solving abilities in relevant areas of expertise. 
  • Competence in global concepts: possessing global perspectives to connect with the world. 
    • Grasp the international trend and broaden students' insight in order to endow them with the necessary international perspective. 
  • Competence in professional: demonstrating the ability to apply knowledge management. 
    • Provide specialized talents for enterprises, emphasizing management skills that combine theory with practice.